Bagels are an excellent option for corporate events, conferences, birthdays and other smaller and bigger parties:

-        very delicious  - carefully selected produce and gorgeous filings;

-        easy to serve – whole, cut in half, packed or on the trays;

-        diversity  - various meats, cheeses, fresh greens, vegetables and dressings; vegetarian and vegan options;

-        great value – less expensive than ordering cheese / meat plates from a restaurant;

-        relaxed – tasty both warm and cold.

We would happily cater for your guests. We are very enthusiastic and flexible when it comes to wishes of our customers – call or write us about your event and we will plan an excellent meal.

Our offer includes not only bagels, but also smoothies, salads, appetizers, wraps, soups and desserts.

We cater for small, big and huge events.

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Bagels catering

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