About Us

  • Big Bad Bagels are open since April 2015. We are the first and only bagel place in Latvia. We love bagels! We take great pleasure in running this place, baking our own bagels and filling them with the most awesome stuff.
  • We bake our bagels right there in our little shop – every morning you can get a fresh bagel which is baked in accordance with the decades old traditions of NY artisan bakeries. No shortcuts! Our bagels are hand-shaped after a long and unforced proofing/retarding process.
  • Bagel making is a long and patience demanding process that takes around 24 hours from making the sponge to getting a fresh baked bagel. Real bagels have to be boiled before they’re baked and that’s exactly how we’re making our bagels.
  • In Big Bad Bagels you can choose one from 20 bagel fillings or make your own one. We make our own sauces (guacamole, tzatziki, Russian dressing, hummus), we have Philadelphia cream cheese, fresh greens and vegetables and the greatest bacon, ham, salami, smoked salmon you could ever get in a fast food place.
  • In January 2018 we opened our second location - Big Bad Bagels Spīķeri at Maskavas street 4.

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